Video Viral

By Jasmine Kazlauskas

Shocked commuters got the fright of their lives after a woman took her beauty routine to the next level by hopping on a bus wearing a FACE MASK.

The bizarre footage was shot by commuter Jessica McDonald, 27, while travelling on a city bus in Adelaide, South Australia, last week [FEB 5].

The fitness instructor said she was ‘confused and intrigued’ by the passenger’s face mask, so she decided to film the unusual occurrence and upload it online.

The video has since gone viral around the world, racking up nearly 100,000 views in a matter of days.

Jessica said: “I was already on the bus when it happened, and it was around 6.30pm.

“Along the way, a woman got on the bus with the face mask on. She acted totally normal.

“She got on the bus, scanned it and then sat down. I was intrigued by it.

“There were not too many people on the bus, and no one actually said anything about it. But I think everyone was just really confused.

“My immediate reaction was to get my phone out and film as it was so unusual.”

While some have commented that the woman is simply overly dedicated to her beauty regime, others have noticed an eerie similarity to horror movie icon Jason from slasher flick ‘Freddy Vs Jason’ – with the face mask resembling his terrifying white hockey mask.

Jessica added: “I wondered if she was going to take it off, but she kept it on the entire time I was on the bus.

“I’m not really sure why she did it. She could have been hiding something on her face, or just really needed some hydration the face mask offered.

“Perhaps she didn’t want anyone to know her identity. I guess we’ll never know.

“I have never seen anything like it before. I just hope she is okay.”