Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

A man on a date captured the moment a group of chimps escaped their zoo enclosure.

Marius Monaghan made a last-minute decision to visit Belfast Zoo on February 9 and was greeted with a bunch of mischievous chimps.

Having placed a tree trunk next to the enclosure wall, the chimps then climb up before jumping the rest of the distance and grabbing on with their hands.

Once they were perched on the top of the wall, the chimps then walked down the paths and mingled with guests.

Marius said: “No zoo keepers were in the area when it happened, they were phoned by an onlooker and responded by arriving up in roughly four vehicles.

“They shouted and screamed at the chimps to return to the enclosure.

“In total they were out of the enclosure for 14 minutes, from the times on my camera roll.”