Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

A naughty pointer caught standing on the top of kitchen cabinets has gone viral.

When Jeremey Meyers left his home in New Era, Michigan, on February 3, he left three-year-old Hank home alone.

After just an hour, the 27-year-old was stunned to find the 70lb pointer perched on top of his kitchen cabinets.

Completely non-plussed, Hank looks down on his owner impassively in footage that has been viewed more than 9 million times on social media.

Jeremey said: “I live alone and I take Hank to work every day, so he spends a ton of time with me.

“Because of that, I think he gets separation anxiety, which is why I usually leave him in his crate when I am out of the house.

“I think because he didn’t know how to get back down.

The top of the cabinets are about eight feet high.”