Video Viral

By Ellie Duncombe

A confused toddler played with her pet dog’s ‘boys’ for one of her toys.

Military wife Ali Minter, 30, was relaxing at home with husband Jared, 32, when they noticed their daughter Claire, playing with the dog.

Much to the parents surprise, daughter Claire, three, had managed to find and start playing with bulldog, Bruno’s ‘jewels’.

Jared quickly pulled out his phone to record the hilarious moment to capture the moment.

Mum-of-two Ali from Maryland, USA said: “We were both laughing hysterically.

“I was a little more grossed out and embarrassed and pulled her away quickly, but it was still so funny, I had to share it!

I think it may be time to say goodbye to the “boys” if you know what I mean.

“So far everyone has loved the video and enjoyed it just as much as we did.”