Animals Video

 By Jamie Smith

 This cute video shows a pack of wild dog puppies showing a different side to their ferocious reputation as they investigate a hidden camera.

 Taken by student Juan van den Heever, the adorable footage shows a pack of the African Wild Dogs licking, sniffing and even nibbling the strange-looking GoPro.

Pic by Juan van den Heever/Caters News

 Despite their ferocious reputation, the young dogs suddenly seem more like harmless house pets as they sniff away.

 The video was taken at Zimanga Private Game Reserve, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa while Juan, 19, was on a family holiday.

 The teenager said: “I loved where one of the dogs repeatedly bumps his nose into the camera and then starts biting it directly afterwards.

 “Their playful demeanour was such a treat to observe.”

Pic by Juan van den Heever/Caters News

 Juan said filming the footage, which he first filmed in 2015 but has recently released for the first time after the species starred in David Attenborough’s Dynasties, was an experience he’ll never forget.

 He added: “Being on foot with these amazing animals, and knowing that we may well be one of the last generations to see them in the wild, was an awe inspiring moment.

 “Their playful antics and being in the pack, witnessing the inner workings of the pack first hand was an experience I’ll forever cherish.”