Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This mesmerising slow motion footage offers a rather different kind of pole dancing – capturing powder swirling around magnetic fields.

Set to music, the video shows magnetite sand glittering around an array of magnets, which are dropped into the powered and, in other shots, even coated.

The footage was captured by Mirko Pafundi, whose YouTube channel, Magnetic Games, focuses on all things magnets.


Mirko, 44, from Italy, said the project gave him the most satisfaction of any he’s worked on, as the dancing powder made for an engrossing spectacle when shot in slow motion.

Mirko said: “Magnetism has always intrigued me.

“The strength of magnets is scientifically explainable, but there’s also something magical about their interaction with the world.”

Mirko’s channel is so successful his magnetic videos have now become his full-time job.


Going forward, he plans to add similar slow-motion videos to his channel, which has garnered more than 270 million views.

Mirko said: “I was quite satisfied with the final result [of the slow motion video].

“Soon I will do a video on all the ways to view magnetic fields – it will be a compilation of the various videos I have made previously.”