Video Viral

By Andrew Kao

An entomologist stumbled across a stomach-churning, maggot-infested tree which let out a ‘fart’ when he looked closer.

On February 1, scientist Phil Torres, 32, was exploring the rainforest in the Tambopata region of Peru when he stumbled across a sickening spectacle.

As a multitude of maggots was crawling on a tree’s roots, an air bubble popped out amongst the larvae, followed closely by a ‘farting’ noise.

Phil said: “In all of my years of working in rainforests, I’ve never seen or heard anything quite like that.

“It seems like the roots of the tree were rotting from the rain, and some sort of infestation of maggots and bacteria were creating this unreal instance of fermentation.

“This created gas inside the tree and the maggots feeding on what was oozing out, and thereby making that fart noise.”