Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

This incredible video captures the moment two small fish hitch a ride inside a jellyfish’s tentacles.

Self-employed Eric Desmet captured the incredible footage while diving in the French Riviera with his wife, Angela late last year.

Eric was filming the jellyfish floating in the current when he noticed something different.

As the marine creature passed him, he could see the two small fish happily bobbing along inside the translucent animal.

Surprisingly, Eric said the fish were in no danger and were actually using the jellyfish as a way to hide from predators.

Eric said: “The jellyfish was constantly moving so trying to capture the fish inside it on camera was not easy.

“The small fish hide inside because it’s an easy way for them to protect themselves from predators.

“I always think it’s funny when I see fish inside a jellyfish like this, and enjoy the moment.”