Video Viral

By Aliki Kraterou

Campaigners have been left disgusted after a coat rail left outside for the homeless had to be taken down – when the clothing was smeared with DOG POO.

The gesture to help rough sleepers was set up outside a Co-Op supermarket in Bridgnorth, Shrops, two months ago to motivate residents to donate clothing for people in need.

But organisers were horrified after discovering vandals had covered the free clothing with dog faeces.

Jack Miller, 70, who set up the rail, said she couldn’t believe what had happened.

The pensioner said: “Extremely disappointed and sad to say the coat rail is no longer.

“The coats had been smeared with dog poo and had to be destroyed.

“Thank you very much to Jason, the manager of the Co-op, who has been so helpful throughout.”

Jack was by a similar scheme she saw organised in Leicester Square in London and had hoped to keep the operation going throughout the winter.

In a note explaining how the coat rail worked, she wrote: “There are no rules, if you have a need, whether you’re homeless or not.

“If you can’t afford a good winter coat and there is one here, then take it-there is no criteria.

“If you need one, take one. if you want to help someone, leave one.

“It is that simple.”