Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

This EGG-CELLENT footage captures a male sea dragon carrying it’s young for the female.

Underwater videographer Jarrod Boord, 37, captured the moment whilst diving alone in Port Phillip bay, Melbourne, Australia.

The footage shows how the male is responsible for carrying the eggs.

As the female is transferring the babies to the male, this is when fertilisation takes place.

The males will then typically carry the offspring around for a month before the hatchlings emerge into the water.

These creatures are only known to be locating in the Southern Ocean and can be hard to spot unless you know where to look.

Jarrod said: “This is one of my favourite animals.

“It is not very common to see as they can only be seen with eggs at particular times of year.

“I also once received a letter from David Attenborough about how the Weedy Sea Dragon is one of his favourite animals too.

“I think the video is amazing as it can show how everyone is different, but we all have our strengths, no matter what others say.”