Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

A grumpy swan chased off a photographer as she tried to take photos with her pet emu.

Taylor Blake was trying to take a cute picture of her and emu, Emanuel, when she asked her pet swan Rico to take a step back.

Taking offence to this request, he quickly lunges at the 26-year-old nanny, pecking her at left bum cheek on February 5.

Taylor said: “Recently, our male and female swans successfully hatched four fluffy baby swans.

“Rico is fiercely protective of his babies, he guards them with his life and will protect them at all costs.

“Apparently Rico did not like me telling him to get back, and he lunged at me and latched on to me left buttock.

“It startled me quite a bit, as you’ll see in the video.

“Long story short, steer clear of swans when they have new babies.”