Life Video

By Federico Cornetto

A firefighter had the best surprise of his life as his girlfriend proposed to him at the end of a blindfolded space search exercise.

On February 3, Alen Hertl, 27, from Zagreb, Croatia, thought he would have to go through some routine training before meeting his girlfriend Petra Mihelić, 25, back at home.

Unbeknownst to the young man, Petra, who is herself a firefighter, organised a surprise marriage proposal with the help of Alen’s colleagues.

As part of the blindfolded exercise, Alen climbed up a building’s stairs on his knees and then entered a room where Petra, sitting on a couch, was pretending to be injured and in need of rescue.

A blindfolded Alen then asked his girlfriend ‘are you injured?’ before Petra replied ‘no’, moments before taking off his helmet and surprising him with the ring.

Alen said: “I did not expect it because I had talked to her over the phone several times that day and she did not sound tense. 

“The exercise was just part of our everyday routine and everything seemed normal, until I met her. 

“I felt phenomenal, pleasantly surprised, I even had tears coming out, but I managed to hide them.”