Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe 

Unique footage captures the moment an octopus ejects sand from its body.

 Self-employed Eric Desmet captured the unique moment whilst diving in Cannes, France.

 The octopus can be seen relaxing on the sea bed when Eric noticed that it was ejecting sand from its body.

 The 55-year-old diver noticed how the cephalopod breaths in the water before ejecting the sand out through its siphon.

 It is believed that the octopus does this to remove any unwanted sand in its gills.

Eric said: “I was training a freediving session when I saw the octopus relaxing in the sand.

“Most of the time when they go in the sand it is for chasing food but they also use the sand to hide from predators.

“I’ve not seen this before but know that he is using his siphon to remove and clean the sand coming from his mantle.”