Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

 A cute dog tried to catch the snow its owner was shovelling off the pavement while a neighbour cat looked on unamused 

On February 1, Isabella Fanucci filmed the hilarious scene from her house’s window in Vineland, New Jersey.

 As the streets were covered in snow after a bout of heavy weather hit the area, a dog owner and his pet were busy clearing the pavement in front of their house from the powder.

 As the man shovelled the snow off into the air, the adorable pooch jumped around in an eager effort to catch it before it fell back to the ground.

 At the end of the video, Isabella’s roommate’s cat can also be seen as it gravely contemplates the scene. 

 Isabella said: “Every time it snows enough for the man to shovel, his good boy comes out with him and tries to catch the snow. 

“It’s something I look out for on snow days because it’s just too darn cute.”