Life Video

By Randal Coombs

A down syndrome athlete hit a three pointer during a basketball halftime show sending the crowd wild.

Jason Frederick was taking part in the pick-up game during the interval in the North Carolina State and Maine women’s basketball game on December 15 2018.

Receiving a pass way downtown, the 16-year-old instantly sets himself up for a shot that bounces off the ring.

Jason who is part of the Spirit League – a way to improve the emotional and physical health of athletes with special needs – sent the fans into raptures as his shot landed through the net.

Calvert Maxwell, who has helped run Spirit League since 2016, was there along with the rest of the volunteers and joined in with the cheering.

Calvert said: “Jason and his mum are both diehard NC State fans, so this was an incredibly special moment for them.

“He heard about the program from family friends and got signed up.

“As a student at NC State I had some connections in the athletics department and was able to negotiate us playing at halftime in a controlled scrimmage.