Life Video

By Federico Cornetto

A woman broke down in tears of happiness after being reunited with her beloved dog who had fallen down a cavern.

Yichi Su, from Salt Lake City, Utah, was hiking to the Sundance Mountain Resort, Utah, with her four-year-old husky-pit bull mix Beeroo, when the dog fell into a hole in the snow at the base of Stewart Falls, in Provo Canyon, on January 2,

After seven nerve-racking hours during which team members from Utah County Search and Rescue rappelled in to the 12-metre deep cavern and brought Beeroo back to safety by securing him with a harness, Yichi was finally reunited with his beloved pooch.

Throughout that time, hikers on the trail stayed by Yichi’s side to reassure her, while the woman said she was going through a ‘rollercoaster of emotions’. 

Yichi said: “I know it’s very irrational, but I just couldn’t believe he just (fell) in that hole.

“It’s amazing, it’s like, you don’t know those people and they just stand by there and comfort you and just say ‘no worries’ and ‘your dog is still alive’.”

According to the Utah County Sheriff’s Office in Spanish Fork, when snow is deposited from an avalanche or from falling during a storm, it can create cavernous openings underneath the surface as it melts. 

In this case, the waterfalls accelerated the process and created a large cavern under the surface of the avalanche.

James Bobb, a hiker who witnessed the fall, said during a press conference: “I’m watching the dog while they’re talking.

“He walks up, comes back down and falls, and he was gone. 

“I just yelled, ‘your dog fell in a hole’.”