By Mikey Jones

 An impressive shark has been captured chomping down on a light bite by a group of divers.

 Jacopo Brunetti was diving in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, when he caught the shark in action and couldn’t resist taking a photo. 

PIC BY Jacopo Brunetti / CATERS NEWS

 The images showcase the shortfin mako shark with a fish fin hanging out from the side of its mouth.

Jacopo, who owns Cabo Shark Dive, said: “My company was founded to protect sharks and pelagic predators by offering safe, close and personal underwater interactions. 

PIC BY Jacopo Brunetti / CATERS NEWS

“We believe that educating people is the best way to raise awareness, and what better way to do that then to expose them to the beauty of the underwater world.”

Originally from Italy, Jacopo is a marine biologist, PADI scuba instructor, professional underwater photographer, sharks behavioural expert, and professional shark dive guide.

PIC BY Jacopo Brunetti / CATERS NEWS 

Jacopo added, “We aim to prevent the destruction of marine environments and to encourage an increased understanding of sharks.