Animals Video

By Kristiana Hall

 An adorable baby goat got annoyed at a pack of mongooses following him around everywhere.

 As little Abel bounced around the grounds of Harnas Wildlife Foundation in Namibia on November 17, 2018, he was constantly shadowed.

 While a group of almost 20 mongooses tracked his every move, the baby goat tried to chase them off with an angry, but all too adorable, little jump in their direction.

 After a few attempts to discourage his new friends, Abel eventually just let them follow him across the grass.

 Kaatje Steenhoudt, a volunteer at Harnas, said: “As I was watching this, I just had to laugh at this little one standing his ground against a gang of mongoose.

“Every afternoon our mongooses get fed on the main lawn as part of the afternoon tour.

 “The mongooses were curious about this little fella, Abel, in their patch.

“They approached more and more and started nibbling at his little legs but Abel was not having any of it and stood his ground.”