Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

A lucky squirrel narrowly avoided getting chopped up by a chainsaw after leaping out of a fallen tree.

On January 21, a worker from Ziegler’s Tree Service was cutting up a log so that bee keeper Jeff Horchoff, could retrieve a bee hive inside of it.

Things were going smoothly until the startled squirrel leaped out of the hollow log after the chainsaw had cut inches away from it.

Jeff, from Saint Benedict, Louisiana, said: “I was shooting the video and all I saw was a blur through the camera’s lenses, I never saw the squirrel untiled I edited the video.

 “This actually never happened to me before, even though it is a very normal thing for squirrels to have their nest inside a tree log.

“We put blue tapes on the section of the log that had the hive in it, but there was no way for us to predict that there was going to be a squirrel too.”