Video Viral

By Andrew Kao

 A prankster proposed to a complete stranger outside a Super Bowl event leading to street celebrations.

 Keith Jones was walking through downtown Atlanta, USA, on February 2 when he dared his mate JC to pull the prank

 Freshman JC, 19, spotted two women on bikes and dropped to one knee before producing a ring, while his friends, Stephon and Jordan, started shouting with excitement.

 Pretty quickly, the surrounding crowd noticed the commotion and started to join in, especially when the woman eventually said yes.

 Keith said: “The woman found it flattering and hilarious and agreed to do it because of the excitement of the audience.

“I knew she would say yes because of the pressure with the audience.

“She knew it was a prank because the ring was fake and we approached her with a camera and her friend started laughing.

“After the two actually hugged and had a natural conversation.”