Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

This adorable video shows baby squid hatching from their eggs.

Underwater videographer Jarrod Boord, 37, captured the moment whilst diving in Southern Australia.

The dad-of-two found the eggs on a beach after they seemed to have become dislodged from the ocean floor.

Jarrod went out of his way to put the eggs back in the water when he noticed that they began hatching.

Eager to capture the adorable moment, Jarrod started filming them for over an hour as they entered the world.

The baby squid can be seen breaking through the eggs sack before squirming its way out where it is then followed by the embryonic fluid.

Jarrod said: “I have spent countless hours in the Southern Ocean filming.  

When the eggs started hatching, I was amazed at how fast the little squid were.

 “They could change colour immediately, it was fascinating. 

“This was the first time I had seen this, I’ve seen the eggs on the beach before but never them hatching.”