Video Viral

By Neo Bye

An unlucky groom was dragged around show grounds by an overly excited horse.

On January 24 horse rider Ben Hobday, from Morpeth, England, had employee Louie watch over one of his stallions when the animal started tugging at the rope it was being held with.

After a few dramatic moments during which Louie hurtled after the horse as it ran in circles around the paddock, the man couldn’t keep up with the speed.

Having collapsed to the ground while still holding the lead, Louie was then pulled across the sand before Ben stopped filming to help.

Ben said: “We pulled in and saw the horse had its teeth done before, which made it even more unexpected when the horse tugged on the rope, then tugged harder and fell. 

“We found it very funny.

“There were no bad intentions from the horse.”