Animals Video

By  Neo Bye

A pet lamb has taken on the role of ‘top dog’ around his family home.

From enjoying snuggles from his owners to chasing the family dog, lamb Zuko isn’t your average farm animal.

PIC FROM Caters News

Owner Quintin Swanepoel, 22, has shared dozens of videos on his Instagram page which show Zuko socialising with sheep, goats, cats, cows and even their pet pooch.

Quintin and girlfriend Robyn, 22, who live on a farm in Pohangina, New Zealand, adopted Zuko last September after his mother abandoned him.

PIC FROM Caters News

 The post-graduate researcher studying food production now enjoys sharing Zuko’s antics online while Robyn ensures Zuko is a well-groomed house sheep.

 Quintin added: “Zuko spends the days with the sheep but always stays close to the farm and sleeps outside the bedroom on his little bed on the deck.”