Animals Video

by Taniya Dutta

An Indian village took on a herd of 40 wild elephants and successfully chased them away.

Villagers in Assam, north east India had been plagued by the giant beasts trampling into their home and over their crops.

So when the herd strayed in again early in the morning, the brave locals snapped and decided to tackle the intruders.

It took the group – armed with stones – over an hour to shoo them off and at least five people were injured in the battle.

The terrifying moments were captured on mobile cameras as the conflict ensued.

One villager said: “They had arrived late at night but we only realised it in the morning when some men saw them standing near a field.

“We are now used to their raid in our village. Every other day, these wild elephants come and damage our crops. We have learned to fight with them.”

They had alerted the new invasion to forest officials but the elephants had gone by they arrived.

The hilly state of Assam is well known for fights between residents and elephants

Lack of food in the forest force the elephants to move towards nearby villages and raid crops that result in not just damage to the property but also loss of human lives.

In January this year, at least 60 wild elephants had caused pandemonium in a nearby village after they lost their way and wandered into the village.