Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

This shocking footage shows how the rise of plastic in the ocean is affecting wildlife and their homes.

Self-employed Eric Desmet captured how octopi use plastic waste as protection whilst diving in the French Riviera 

The 55-year-old diver regularly spots cephalopods using anything from plastic bottles to tin cans and even tyres to hide from predators in the open 

Eric said: “Of course we try to remove the rubbish from the sea all the time but in summer there is a bit more.

“This is not good for the environment of the animal.

 “The rubbish can sometimes help the octopus to protect itself from predators but no plastic at all in the ocean would be a better solution for that.

 “We try to pick the rubbish as soon as we can but it is not always easy in one breath.”