Video Viral

By Andrew Kao

A gym manager showed off his power by dancing while hanging off a pull-up bar.

Curtis Lee, 28, may just have discovered a revolutionary way to bring together his two passions, calisthenics and dancing, as he swings to the sound of his favourite hip-hop and electronic songs.

Seemingly effortlessly, Curtis performs precise rhythmic movements while floating above the ground while holding on to a pull-up bar in his gym in Oxnard, California.

Curtis said: “I started ‘Bar Jamming’ in May of 2018.  

“I had just started working as a personal trainer at a local gym and I was learning a lot about the art of calisthenics and how to incorporate it with dance.

“I remember one day, I was in my kitchen and one of my favourite songs came on and I looked at my pull up bar that hung in the door way of the laundry room. 

“I thought to myself, how cool it would be to be able to dance as if I’m floating in the air on a pull up bar. 

“I remember I did my first bar jam video to Tupac’s, ‘Thug Mansion’, my favourite Tupac song. 

“Bar Jamming is really a name that I gave the exercise once I began doing it and it’s been sticking very well. 

 “It’s only been a short time since I’ve began and I’m excited to see how much this new-found gift will inspire others.”