Video Viral

By Andrew Kao

An adorable 18-month-old boy got in a heated argument with his auntie because she wouldn’t let him take care of house duties.

Mukesh, from Moncks Corner, South Carolina, really wanted to help his grandmother fold clothes even though his fingers were all greasy from the fast food he’d just eaten.

When auntie Sierra decided to have a chat with the boy about basic hygiene rules, little Mukesh wouldn’t take it and for a few minutes he kept rambling and shaking with rage.

Musket’s mum, Monifa Basdeo, said: “My sister’s wife, Sierra, decided to have a chat with him about messing up the clothes. 

“He knows sign language and we speak to him using words and sign like we did with our oldest, this helps them communicate what they want before talking. 

“So, he is signing milk the whole time basically. 

“Being that my sister and her wife lives out of state, this was his second time meeting her and this was the most he had ever chatted. 

“We thought he was going to take after my husband for being shy but this night he kept rambling and this is why I decided to video.

“He never did this until that night and it was hilarious.

“For the record we are raising respectable kids and don’t condone talk back, but this was just funny” Monifa also wrote on social media.”