By Nelson Groom

An Australian woman got the fright of her life when a cold-blooded surprise visitor appeared on her front door.

The mum from Moreton Bay, Queensland, arrived home on Thursday [January 3] to find the two metre carpet python serving as a draft stopper on her front door.

Pic by Caters News 

To make matters worse, when she called her local snake catcher the serpent slithered away – leaving her fearing it might be lurking in her home.

Steve Brown, 36, who works at Brisbane North Snake Catchers, said: “When I arrived the home owner was waiting at the gate with her dog on a lead.

“She had just lost site of the snake and was worried about her dog which spends a lot of time of the veranda.

Pic by Caters News

“We caught it the next day exiting the roof cavity after getting too hot and seeking a cooler spot.”

Summer temperatures, humidity and high pollen levels push snakes of all shapes and sizes on the move to seek food or a mate.

Carpet pythons are Australia’s largest species of snake and can grow up to eight metres long.

Pic by Caters News 

Though they are non-venomous, they can inflict a painful bite and there is even evidence of the mammoth reptiles making a meal out of wildlife as large as kangaroos.

Steve had some strong words of warning for Australians in the grip of the snake season.

He added: “Bites can cause bad lacerations depending on the size of the snake.

“Never attempt to catch a snake on your own. Always call a professional to have it safely removed.”

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