Offbeat Video

By Taniya Dutta

This is the jaw-dropping moment an adventure junkie backflips on the edge of a 40 metre high cliff.

Aaron Vivar Hernández, 25, was so confident of his acrobatic skills that he didn’t flinch once while trying the daredevil stunt.


The clip was filmed on his mobile phone in Congost de Montrebei, a popular scenic destination in Catalunya, Spain, among hiking lovers.

He performed the stunt without wearing any safety gear but claims he was ‘in complete control of his body and mind.’

Aaron said: “I wasn’t scared of falling or slipping as everything was in control.

“The area I flipped off was two and a half metres wide and the cliff is 40 meters high.

“I was only wearing a tracksuit and trainers. There was no safety gear.”


The young daredevil is a team leader in Bounce – the biggest trampoline park in Spain, and has been performing these stunts for last 12 years.

Aaron said: “This is called free running.

“I always warm up before the stunts, I try to train in free running almost every day.

“But at time I have to work and study.  When I get time, I do callisthenics in the streets.

“I want to have my own centre of training in future.”