Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

A chilling timelapse shows a pet tarantula shedding its skin.

On December 4, 2018, Jasmyn Brilliante, a 20-year-old reptile specialist, woke up to the creepy spectacle of her moulting tarantula. 

The spider lay on its back in a cobweb and shed its skin to reveal a brand-new pink exoskeleton.

 Jasmyn, from Sacramento, California, said: “Moulting is a process tarantulas go through as they grow. 

“It’s pretty much like shedding their skin much like a snake or lizard would, however, instead they are completely losing their exoskeleton, which is effectively their skin. 

 “The whole process took about 20 min, but a made it into a 15-second video time-lapse.”