Offbeat Video

By Randal Coombs

A daring rescued dived into a frozen lake wearing nothing but his boxer shorts to save a stranded cat.

Hilda and Darden Schurg were in their yard in Hobart, Indiana, on December 24 2018 when they spotted a feline flapping around in their lake behind their house.

Seeing its desperate plight, Darden ignored the falling temperatures, stripped out of the majority of his clothes and jumped headfirst into the water.

Swimming out quickly, the 21-year-old student manages to carry the cat out of the water, on to a neighbour’s lawn.

Hilda said: “After the rescue, the cat was able to get out in the sun and warm up.

“The cat was dazed at first but ran off before we could give it further assistance. “The cat is a local stray which has been roaming around for some time.

“My dad has seen it around many times since the event.”