By Jack Williams

These globetrotting newlyweds decided to take their wedding photos to the next level, snapping their couple shots not only at the wedding venue itself but across 33 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES.

Nick and Zoe Aust travelled the world to take their wedding photos in the likes of Barcelona, Dubai, Rome, on the Great Wall of China – even on MOUNT EVEREST.

PIC BY MARRYMEIN / CATERS: MarryMeIn wedding photo in Great Wall of China, China

In the beautiful shots, Zoe can be seen wearing her dress in front of everything from tourist landmarks to beautiful backdrops.

The idea came to the couple – who are based in New Jersey, USA – on their very first date, when they joked to themselves that, if things worked out, they would like to travel the world together one day.

Having got engaged in 2016 and married in December of 2017, Zoe, 27, and Nick, 24, decided it was time to make good on their promise to each other, taking off with Zoe’s wedding dress packed.

PIC BY MARRYMEIN / CATERS – (Pictured: MarryMeIn wedding photo in Taj Mahal, India)

Zoe, who began her journey with Nick in Thailand in January 2018, said: “Life is too short to only wear your wedding dress once.

“And the world is too big to only stay in your little town your whole entire life.

“Our hope is that when people see our pictures they feel nothing but inspired to explore a new place, try a new hobby and fulfill that dream they’ve always had.”

The couple had saved for their project, which they named MarryMeIn and documented along the way.

They both admitted that they did not expect the wedding dress itself to hold up for the entire journey but, to their surprise, it made it through every stop along the way – whether it be shoots in off-the-beaten-track woodlands to cosmopolitan cities.

PIC BY MARRYMEIN / CATERS – (Pictured: MarryMeIn wedding photo in Barcelona, Spain)

In total, the 33-country journey saw the couple travel from January until October 2018, when they finished their trip in the Seychelles.

There was, they said, some stigma attached to the project – such as people questioning what they would do spending so long each other’s company, or why they wouldn’t, say, use their savings to buy a house.

Through photographing their travels, however, Nick and Zoe hope to inspire others to visit new places and try new things, doing what makes them happy.

PIC BY MARRYMEIN / CATERS – (Pictured: MarryMeIn wedding photo in Eltz Castle, Germany)


PIC BY MARRYMEIN / CATERS – (Pictured: MarryMeIn wedding photo in India Ocean)

They are planning more trips far and wide in the future, too, hoping to incorporate more volunteer-based programs into their travel plans.

Nick, said: “There are many things that we’ve loved about this project, like people telling us they’d love to do the same thing one day or the cool relationships we’ve built with people.

PIC BY MARRYMEIN / CATERS – (Pictured: MarryMeIn wedding photo in Dubai)

“But, to be completely honest, our favorite thing about this project was that every photoshoot – we got the chance to put back on the outfits we wore on our wedding day.

“That was by far the best day of both of our lives and to be able to re-live that day in some of the most beautiful places in the world is really what made us so happy about the whole thing.”