Video Viral

By Neo Bye

A biker got injured as he spectacularly fell on his back after a failed trick.

Builder Daniel Brindley, 27, was performing some routine – yet impressive – backflips at his local skatepark in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England, when he lost control of his bike mid-air and fell from a couple metres high.

The impact with the ramp caused the young man to crack his hip, bruise his spine, hurt his face and suffer concussion.

Paramedics came to the skatepark shortly thereafter to perform first aid on the injured trickster.

The accident happened in 2016, but Daniel just recently uploaded the video on social media on January 24, saying: “Summer is for crashing, beer and festivals.”

Daniel said: “I felt like I was falling forever to be honest, I remember seeing the blue sky and thinking ‘oh for god sake I’m having it now’.

“A lot of people kinda looked away in shock, my mum still hasn’t watched the clip and refuses too.”