Offbeat Video

By Niamh Shackleton

A 6ft snowman built by a two children in their front garden has been carefully transported 13 miles to avoid it from melting.

The snowman, named Frosty, was built by siblings, Patrick McDade, seven, and Orlagh, six, with the help of their parents Ian, 44, and Andrea, 41, on January 30.

PIC FROM Darren Robinson/Caters News

Measuring 6ft tall, Frosty, has quickly become a local icon and just 24 hours after first being built, indoor snow centre, Chill Factore, based in Manchester, offered him permanent residency after spotting him on social media.

The family were over the moon with their offer and to avoid Frosty melting, he was transported the 13 miles from their home in Hale, Altrincham, yesterday [Jan 31st].

Ian, a pub manager, said: “He only started small, but it escalated and he quickly grew to a huge height! The kids are so excited he’ll get to live in Chill Factore and we can go and visit him all year round.

PIC FROM Darren Robinson/Caters News

“We’ve had so much interest in Frosty – people were stopping their cars, and even knocking on our door asking if they could have a picture with it.

“From a family building a snowman to the media being in touch about it; it’s really snowballed!”

The family retrieved the snow from a local park across the road and even have to ask the help of passers-by to assist in lifting Frosty’s head on to his body with it being so big.

Chill Factore spent four hours transporting Frosty by wrapping him up in industrial cling film and separating his head from the body to avoid any breakages on route.

PIC FROM Darren Robinson/Caters News 

After the success journey, Frosty is now happily sat in his new forever home.

Morwenna Angove, CEO at Chill Factore, said: “Frosty epitomises everything great about snow – he’s big, bold and all about having fun with the family, and we wanted to save him while we still had the chance.

“We have over 1,600 tonnes of snow here and a temperature of – 4°C, so we are the best place to make sure Frosty is kept cool, and lives on whatever the weather.