Nature Video

By Andrew Kao

This stunning 360-degree footage shows how Arctic temperatures have taken hold of North America – even freezing the branches and leaves of local tress.

Standing inside a tree’s base on Street Beach, Chicago, Illinois, US, Craig Shimala held out a selfie stick for an all-round perspective of the impact of temperatures that have seen the likes of Chicago witness chills of minus 25 Celsius.

PIC FROM Craig Shimala/ Caters News

Encaved within the frozen tree, Craig, 39, made his way around the frozen foliage, showing how the likes of branches and leaves soaked in moisture have become icy artworks.

Having posted the video on social media, Craig, a freelance videographer, received a number of shocked comments relating to the extreme temperatures he and fellow Chicagoans were experiencing.

Craig, who filmed the original footage on January 21 and who has followed the tree’s progress since, said: “The trees come back each year, so there doesn’t appear to be any longterm damage.

“The location is about three miles from city center.

PIC FROM Craig Shimala/ Caters News

“On extra windy days, Lake Michigan waters are tossed up on shore and cover everything.

“Match that up with below freezing temperatures and this is the result all along the lakefront.”

Having filmed his original 360-degree video, Craig has received a number of requests relating to the future prospects of the tree.

Earlier this week, temperatures in Chicago plunged to below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, close to the city’s all-time record.