By Jamie Smith

 This heart-warming photo shows a happy-looking seal showing off his natural charms as he strikes a fabulous pose.

 Taken by Anna Stello in Noordvik in the Southern Netherlands this month, the image shows the seal flashing a broad grin as he arcs his body on the beach.

Pic by Anna Stello/Caters News

 Anna said the picture was taken after she spent hours waiting on the freezing cold beach for the seal to approach her.

 She said: “I’ve heard that there was a seal on the beach so I decided to go down and get a picture of it..

 “He was just doing what seals do which usually isn’t very much.

Pic by Anna Stello/Caters News

 “Occasionally he would stretch his tail and his body 

“He was a grey seal who was showing himself.

“Remarkably he was not disturbed by me at all. I was laying on the beach for almost two hours.

“It was freezing and my hands where cold and I was shaking. 

“It felt special that he let me take my pictures right in front of him without any fear of me. Every 15 minutes he got closer to me.”