Offbeat Video

This impressive video shows daredevils swinging and jumping from a 328 foot high chimney.

Siberian Engineer Yaroslav Goncharov, 29, asked his Russian-born friend Ivan Vlasov, 23, to film himself and friends daring the heights of a closed power plant in Pavslovsk, Russia.

Pic by Yaroslav Goncharov/Caters News

Throughout the video Yarsolov and his friends Marina Kovalenko, Dasha Kotova and Aleksey Kotov can be seen flipping, swirling and spinning around the chimney in a free fall until their safety bungee restraints leave them floating through the air. 

Yarsolov said: “We love these jumps, they give us a taste of life. 

“We wanted to show this feeling of freedom to those who would see it.”