BY Mikey Jones

This red squirrel looks like he’s straight out of an action flick as he attempts a heroic leap worthy of  Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.

Student Julian Terreros-Martin, 22, captured the rodent showcasing its amazing jumping skills as he leapt from branch to branch to avoid getting his paws wet on a snowy day in the Yorkshire Dales.

PIC FROM Caters News: A still from the film Mission Impossible

The Spanish biology graduate, who is studying at Liverpool John Moores University, said it looked like the snowy surfaces were made up of springs as the squirrel appeared to almost be flying.

Julian, who has been interested in wildlife photography from a young age, said: “The aim of my trip was to photograph the red squirrels running in the snow as the day was extremely cold and snowy.

PIC FROM Julian Terreros-Martin / Caters News

“However, I noticed one squirrel kept jumping from the trees to the ground which lead to the image I was able to capture.

“I love all photography but especially wildlife photography allowing people to see natures beauty closer up and being able to capture a moment in time and sharing it with the rest of the world.

“Whenever possible I combine my passion for photography and wildlife conservation as they work well together to inform and highlight the wonders of the natural world.”