By Hayley Pugh 

Even the Easter bunny would be jealous of these pampered pets who live a life of luxury in a £10k hutch complete with CCTV and air con.

Willow and Bramble are the envy of all their rabbit friends with their two-storey bespoke crib which contains dozens of high tech gadgets to keep them cozy when they hit the hay.

Pic By Keith Whitmore/Caters News

The giant cabin, handmade with pine and stainless steel, was created by owner Jason Batterbee from Dersingham, Norfolk.

The 46-year-old engineer spent months painstakingly crafting the hutch which features an electric shutter, four web cams, LED lights and an electric fan – all of which can be controlled remotely by Jason, and his wife Mairi, from their phones.

Pic By Keith Whitmore/Caters News

The luxurious home, which Jason estimates has cost him £10,000 to build including his labour time, also has a separate bedroom complete with a stainless steel door lovingly engraved with carrots and various pictures including framed shots of the couple’s late rabbits, Hunnie and Runnie.

Pic By Keith Whitmore/Caters News

Jason and Mairi can even watch their beloved pets, both three-year-old British Giant rabbits, via the web cams from the television in their living room, their mobile phones and their laptop.

Pic By Keith Whitmore/Caters News

Jason said the project was a labour of love and people were usually impressed when they saw the hutch for the first time.

He said: “The old cage had gone a bit grotty so I thought I’d make a new one. I’m an engineer anyway and a bit of a handyman so it came naturally.

“As I was doing it one thing led to another and things kind of got out of control. I thought well if I’m doing that I might as well do this and if I’m putting a shutter in I might as well make one which can be controlled remotely.

Pic By Keith Whitmore/Caters News

“The electric shutter works off the same mechanism as a car window.

“There’s a sim card on the side of the hutch, the same as you’d find in a phone. Basically you can control everything by dialling in and sending a command.

“If we’re away on holiday and it starts raining we can put the shutter down for them. If it suddenly turns hot and we’re out at work we can put the fan on to cool them down.

Pic By Keith Whitmore/Caters News

“The cameras are hooked up to the television in the living room, our phones and also my wife’s laptop so we can check on them whenever and wherever.

“We can check in on them when they’re poorly or the weather takes a sudden turn and it gives us peace of mind.

Pic By Keith Whitmore/Caters News

“The pictures and the wall art are just a bit of a novelty really, I just wanted to make it homely for them.”