By Christina Wood

This is the shocking moment a ‘reckless’ motorist drives in the WRONG DIRECTION and makes a U-turn on the M6 – after appearing to ‘change his mind’ about joining the motorway.

Graeme Kinghorn, 37, had been forced to stop on the hard shoulder near Rugby at Junction 1 of the M6 when he spotted the Chevrolet Spark driver’s ‘scary’ actions last week.

The lorry driver watched the motorist drive down to the slip road, reach the motorway and stop on the edge of the inside lane for almost a minute as three lanes of traffic whizz at 70mph.

The footage then shows the Chevrolet make a U-turn, drive the wrong way back up the slip road away from the motorway, which Graeme suspects was to get back onto a roundabout after taking a wrong exit.

Graeme, from Dumfries and Galloway, in Scotland, said: “If it hadn’t been for the gap in traffic there could have been a big accident. He was risking his own life as well as others.

“On a day to day basis I see drivers making mistakes but I’ve never seen this before. It was reckless. I was baffled.

“He might have come off the roundabout at a wrong exit. He probably didn’t want to go on the motorway or even changed his mind. He only would have had to travel five miles to get back on to the roundabout.

“It’s lazy to not do the detour. It’s possible the driver doesn’t know the Highway Code but I would like to think that’s not the case if they have a full driving licence.

“It’s not worth risking lives. It’s never worth pulling a stupid move like that. It’s really dangerous.”

Graeme had pulled onto the hard shoulder to check his own vehicle after fearing there was an issue but avoided moving off when he noticed the dangerous actions of the Chevrolet driver ahead of him.

Graeme said: “I want to raise awareness of this type of driving. It can be a bit of a worry. It seems to be getting a bit worse. There seems to be less awareness about what’s going on.

“People just aren’t paying full attention. But you’ve got to be aware of your surroundings.

“There was no collision that I could see. He pulled onto the roundabout. I had my hazard lights on to warn other drivers. There were a couple of other vehicles.

“It’s not even a mistake that this driver made. It’s just reckless. None of us are perfect but it can be quite scary if people are doing this sort of thing.”