Offbeat Video

By Dan Coles

There really ain’t no mountain high enough for this daredevil unicyclist, who shows no fear even while travelling through the most unpredictable terrain.

This incredible footage shows social worker Markus Buechel, 45, traversing the Swiss Alps on nothing but a unicycle in Vaduz Liechtenstein, Switzerland.

Pic by Markus Buechel/Caters News

His amazing video shows how quickly the mountainous landscape changes with the skilled adrenaline junkie expertly adapting to stay balanced as he pedals. Markus said: “I started unicycling as a teenager, more than 30 years ago.

“But I only got into mountain cycling 10 years ago, after being inspired by online videos of Kris Holm, who is one of the pioneers of off-road cycling.

Pic by Markus Buechel/Caters News

“When going uphill, I chose a direct line via Ferrata, up to the peak of Sulzfluh.

“Riding downhill on the unicycle was definitely the best part.”