By Kristina Hall

 Two fierce big cats have been fought over marked territory – much to the delight of tourists enjoying a safari.

 Pankaj Misra, 68, was on a safari in Bandhaygarh National Park, India, when he witnessed two tigers – who are in fact sisters – fighting.

PIC FROM Pankaj Misra/Caters News

 The keen photographer, who is from Lucknow, captured these amazing photographs last year while on an open jeep safari.

 The wild life enthusiast said: “On the day of these pictures, we saw a tigress resting next to a pond, so we waited for three hours for some movement.

 “Just as we were about to leave the park, we heard a call behind and saw another tigress walking in the same direction.

PIC FROM Pankaj Misra/Caters News

“She marked her territory which the other tigress noticed and then started pursuing her.

“We were about 10-15 feet in front of them, in an open jeep just as both the tigresses descended upon each other in a massive confrontation.

“Interestingly, our guide informed us that both were sisters. The fight lasted for a few minutes, which gave us plenty of time to capture some

amazing moments.”