Video Viral

By Ellie Duncombe

 This is the amazing moment a lad shows water instantly turning into ice in a bottle during freezing weather.

 Daniel Dück, 23, captured the amazing footage whilst on break outside his work at a supermarket in Euskirchen, Germany.

 Captured on 21 January, Daniel wanted to test what would happen after seeing a similar video on TV.

 After pressing record Daniel can then be seen banging the bottle against the floor before setting it down to let the water crystallise into ice.

 Daniel said: “I just thought I would try it, I didn’t think it would actually happen.

 “It was about -14 outside and I thought it may be cold enough for this to work.

“The water isn’t frozen because water at below freezing temperatures requires a movement of oxygen for it to crystallise into ice.

“I was very surprised when it worked, was amazing.”