Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto

 An adorable pug is helping his owner to achieve his fitness goals by replacing the dumbbells with his own weight.

 Although pooch Pablo, one, is too lazy to hit the gym, he happily lets owner Karl Little pick him up for his fitness routine at home in Carlisle, England.

 Pablo is just chubby enough to provide Karl with the ideal weight he needs to pump his muscles.

 The dog owner has even come up with an original ‘pug’ fitness routine, which includes ‘sit gup’s’, ‘pug squats’ and the absolutely exhausting ‘dead cute lifts’.

 Karl said: “Pablo loves it, whenever I put workout gear on, he gets really excited and can’t wait until he gets involved.

 “He doesn’t give me a choice with him getting on my back for push-ups or on my chest for sit-ups.

“Pablo weighs 10 kilos, we would not want him to get much heavier though so when I need to progress to heavier weights, I’ll move over to dumbbells rather than just feeding Pablo more.”