Animals Video

By Nelson Groom

An Aussie motorist was stunned to discover what he thought was a speedbump was actually a monster CROCODILE in the middle of crossing the road.

Justin Mills, 36, was driving home from work in Ingham, Far North Queensland, when he spotted the 11ft 4in [3.5m] reptile and slammed on the brakes.

The apex predator is believed to have been driven out of its natural habitat after a monsoon lashed the region with heavy downpour.

Viral footage of Justin shepherding the beast out of harm’s way has whipped the internet in a frenzy and sparked terror over the wildlife Down Under.

Justin said: “I just remember thinking: ‘that can’t be what I think it is in the middle of the highway?’

“We had to swerve onto the side of the road to miss it.

“Then, it started coming at front of the car with its mouth open so we backed up and coaxed it off the road.

“The first thing going through my head was to get off the road and avoid an accident.”

The close encounter surfaced after emergency services in Queensland issued warnings about the danger of floodwaters gripping the region.

The neighbouring towns of Cardwell and Mackay were hit with more than 300mm of rain in the 24 hours between Tuesday and Wednesday morning this week.

Justin said the viral footage is a strong reminder for Aussies and tourists in flooded areas to remain diligent and wise to crocs.

Justin said: “I definitely wasn’t expecting this to go so viral.

“We’ve had bad flooding and the Seymour River runs through town, so crocs are popping up places they wouldn’t normally be.

“You see a lot of people swimming in the floodwaters, and I think this is a good reminder of the danger.

“People should always stay croc-safe and careful around floodwaters.”