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By Taniya Dutta

This adorable Border collie can strut the catwalk better than any runway model.

Yuki, seven, is a sight to behold stepping through sand as the poised pooch softly places one leg in front of the other.

Pic By Anastasiia Beaumont/ CATERS NEWS

Owner Anastasiia Beaumont said her fun-loving pooch’s sharp memory has helped him become a ‘trained dancer’ who performs in competitions and has even won a French championship.

Engineer and photographer Anastasiia, who is originally from Russia but lives in Gex, France, took just two months to learn the steps and is now so skilled in his impeccable performances he never misses a step.

Yuki loves his hobby so much that he doesn’t even need music and can break into a dance step any time.

Anastasiia, 28, said: “Yuki can dance anytime.

“For him it’s just a game, he loves doing it and always ready to have fun.

Pic By Anastasiia Beaumont/ CATERS NEWS

“Yuki is a very playful dog and a very good companion.

“He is very friendly and simply loves everyone, even strangers which he never met.

“He is quite confident and used to performing, so he can do it even if he is surrounded by other dogs and people.”

Although not a dancer and dog trainer herself, Anastasiia, who lives with Yuki and five-month-old pup Salsa, taught Yuki using only online videos.

She said: “Dog dance is just my hobby. I am not a dancer.

Pic By Anastasiia Beaumont/ CATERS NEWS

“For the tricks, I’ve learnt the basic ones on the internet, and now I just create them by myself.

“It is not very difficult but you need to have certain knowledges about dog training.

“I also work with other dogs and help them to learn new tricks.

“I’m planning to be a professional dog trainer, because I like to work with dogs and teach people to do amazing things with them.”