Offbeat Video

By Junior Sousa

A daredevil boy keeps viewers on the edge of their seat when watching him jump from rooftop to rooftop, despite multiple huge drops which would lead to his death.

Fearless Khalid Tenni, 24 isn’t fazed by the heights nor the wall which is spiked with sharp glass and continues his adventures over the Rabat, Morocco rooftops.

He has literally been ‘living life on the edge’ since 2012 and treating rooftop ledges like tight ropes.

Khalid said: “I have loved adventures from a young age, I first started doing this to overcome fear.

“Even though I am risking my life, I feel free with no restrictions.

“My goal is to be successful and I believe nothing is impossible as long as there is a plan in place.

“The video shows a serious adventure on the rooftops, when I entered the window, one of the residents saw me and threatened to report me to the police.

“I told her, I take serious risks and challenges on the roofs of the capital.”