Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

A pet owner has been left astonished after finding his female pit bull is nurturing and breastfeeding a pair of kittens.

Earlier last year, David Holt, from Millsboro, Delaware, couldn’t believe his eyes when he realised two-year-old pit bull Roxy was nursing new-born kittens Gomez and Morticia, licking them clean and keeping them warm and safe.

The two cats are now nine months old, but they are still reluctant to leave the cares of their adoptive mother.

On January 25, David filmed a fully-grown Gomez looking for food from the kind-hearted pit bull, who doesn’t seem to mind feeding the big black cat.

“Can anyone explain how my two-year-old virgin pit bull puppy is nursing my nine-month-old cat?” wrote David on social media.

“This is the strangest thing I have ever seen.”