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By James Somper

A four stone nine-year-old schoolboy is believed to be the world’s youngest CAGE FIGHTER.

Despite being just 4ft 3ins tall, Alfie Williams won his first fight in just 22 seconds and has since come out triumphant in 15 out of 20 bouts.

PIC FROM James Speakman / Caters News

The youngster, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, frequently faces up to opponents much larger and older than him and is determined to one day become a world champion MMA fighter like Conor McGregor.

Proud dad Chris Williams said that the sport has transformed his son from an obnoxious loudmouth to a disciplined and focused young man.

And his trainer Ross Pointon said he knows plenty of grown adults who wouldn’t dare take on the youngster in the cage.

Construction worker Chris said: “Alfie absolutely loves cage fighting.

“He hates bullying and always stands up for his mates.

“If it came to it he could take a good hit and give a good hit.

PIC FROM James Speakman / Caters News

“He can get me in a head lock very easily. But the sport teaches him respect, so I know he’d only do that as a last resort.

“He’s a very active child but the sport has bought a huge amount of discipline to him.”

Chris said Alfie has always been a competitive and sporty child who first started kickboxing aged just four.

Moving on to Taekwondo at age six, Alfie became a world champion in the martial art but he quickly tired of the sport.

In April 2018, Alfie started to attend training sessions at Gladiator MMA Gym in Stoke-on-Trent, run by his now-mentor and trainer, Ross, a former MMA champion in his own right.

PIC FROM James Speakman / Caters News

Ross, 34, said: “Alfie came to me almost a year ago.

“He’s become so much more outgoing. He’s become so much braver, he loves the sport and he’s so passionate about it.

“He’s such a strong young man, I have so much respect for him and all the children who walk towards that cage.

“I call him ‘big man’ because it takes so much courage.

“I know grown men who wouldn’t dare do what Alfie does.

PIC FROM James Speakman / Caters News

“He comes here after school five times a week  and is here for almost two hours at a time.

“He’s become more focused, fitter, stronger and more confident. We don’t just teach him how to fight but also life skills.

“I teach him about the mistakes I’ve made and try to pass knowledge on to him and the children who come here. This is a sport that can totally turn people’s lives around.”

After four months of training, Alfie took part in his first MMA fight in June last year – and incredibly, won the bout in just 22 seconds.

And Chris said despite its reputation, the sport has completely transformed his mini McGregor – and has hit out at accusations he’s a bad dad for letting him fight.

Chris said: “He was a bit mischievous but since he’s been taking part in the sport his teachers have said he seems a lot more focused and determined and knows what he wants from life.

PIC FROM James Speakman / Caters News

“It was incredible to see, he was so focused and disciplined.

“It can be quite time consuming but he loves it. I enjoy watching him and seeing how well he does.

“I get nervous when I watch him in the ring but it’s enjoyable and always amazing to see him once he’s won medals.

“There’s a lot of sportsmanship and respect in the cage. You’ll fight like hell then shake each other by the hand.

“He enjoys the sport and learns so much from it. I take him training and to all his competitions.

“At the end of the day it’s not about me, it’s about him. It’s what we wants from life so I’ll help him all the way.

“Ross has taught him discipline and self-respect but also respect to other people. Alfie seems a lot more together than most kids his age.”