Animals Video

By Mollie Mansfield

A doting couple were left shocked when they found their pooch covered in lipstick they thought had gone missing.

Arriving home from work, owner Josh was greeted by his two dogs, when he noticed that Charlie, a ten-month-old Golden Doodle-Doberman Pinscher cross, had an odd tinge to his fur.


Dismissing it as the lighting from the living room window, Josh, 30, from Dallas, Texas, continued to go about his day until he found a chewed up red product outside.

After sending a photo to his wife, Holly, 30, for advice on what the mysterious object could be, she identified it as her missing lipstick.

Going back to the dogs, Josh initially blamed one-year-old Golden Doodle Sophie, who had some streaks in her fur, until he saw Charlie up-close and realised he was covered from head to toe in the red make-up.

Josh, a physician, said: “I returned home before my wife and my hands were full of shopping so I couldn’t pet the dogs immediately.

“Out the corner of my eye I noticed that Charlie’s front legs looked off, but I thought it was just the lighting from the front windows reflecting on him.


“When I went out to the back garden, I found a chewed up red object by the garage and sent a photo of it to Holly.

“Once she saw the photo of the base of the product, she realised it was a lipstick that went missing and was now all chewed up.

“So I quickly went back to the dogs, to find Sophie with a little bit of the product on her paws – so initially I held her accountable.

“Until I turned around and saw Charlie looking up at me covered in lipstick from head to toe.”

After finding his dog covered in the iconic red shade, Josh quickly rushed him into the bath to try and remove the product before it stained his fur.


He said: “I gave Charlie a bath immediately, and luckily it all came off pretty easily.

“And in true big sister style, Sophie was jealous and got a bath too – which got rid of the little bits of lipstick on her fur.

“When I spoke to Holly she remembered the $10 [£7.60] lipstick was left on a high side-table in the living room which she thought was safe from the dogs, but evidently it wasn’t.

“I was just glad that the lipstick didn’t end up being an expensive one, as she had recently treated herself to some luxury items.”

However, Josh explains that this isn’t the first time he has returned home to find a ruckus made by the pooches.


He said: “When Holly and I are at work, we usually leave the dogs in the house, but we do have doggie doors that allow them to get out into our fenced-in backyard.

“We close the doors to our bedrooms and bathrooms, but the dogs do have access to the kitchen and living area.

“There had been a few recent incidents, during which we arrived home to find that the dogs had taken a tissue box or stray piece of mail off the coffee table and brought it outside to chew up in the backyard.

“It seemed that they liked to take the contraband in a small strip of yard behind our garage since it is the most secluded part of the backyard.

“As a result, we got into the habit of cleaning off any low tables before leaving for the day – but Charlie still found a way of finding a lipstick.”